What are the Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup?

The date is set. Your BIG DAY is here and this is the time to get your all trials done. Makeup is personal, exceptionally personal. On your big day, you want to look your best which mean you want your skin to look amazingly beautiful and glowing.

Opting for Airbrush Application is one way to get a flawless skin for your wedding day. Airbrush has caught up well in recent years. Every bride prefers to go for airbrush makeup for their big special day.

It is sure that, when applied correctly, an Airbrush Makeup finish can give you the best complexion of your dream’s look. But first of all, it is important to know about the pros and cons of airbrush makeup application. So, how would you decide if this technique of airbrush makeup is a fit for you or not?

Whatever you decide, get your makeup trial done with your makeup artist and ensure that you will feel confident and comfortable on your wedding day either with normal or airbrush makeup.

Airbrush Makeup

Here are some pros and cons of airbrush makeup:


Airbrush Makeup is Long Lasting

One thing to know about Airbrush makeup is that it is completely silicone based, so it will stick on the skin all day long. One your wedding day you don’t want your makeup to shift, you want it durable and sweat proof. Airbrush makeup is the only solution to this.

Transfer-Proof and Light Weight

While carrying the heavy Lehenga and jewellery you don’t want to feel extra weight on your face. Airbrush makeup is light weight. It is applied with brush and more evenly as compared to normal makeup method. I

If you are a bride who wants to look elegant but at the same time liken minimal makeup, then airbrush makeup is the best alternative for you.

Builds Confidence and Makes you Camera Ready

Airbrush makeup easily blends into your skin. (If you have an oily skin, then this might suit you better as it with stay on for much longer than normal makeup)

Airbrush makeup gives fine finishing making you camera ready. If you are shooting in HDR then it is important to get a perfectly finished makeup, so your photos won’t come up as coated in makeup.

Easy and Quick to Apply

Airbrush can be great for large bridal parties as it can be applied quickly by a skilled professional. Airbrushing allows for makeup to be applied evenly, allowing for an impeccably smooth finish. The best part is it’s perfect for the hundreds of pictures that you’ll be taking all day.

The application method is totally customizable—whether you prefer light coverage or love a full face. Since airbrush makeup can be applied in such fine layers, it dries super quickly, which means you can add more layers for extra coverage if you want.


Check Your Skin Type First

If you have a hydrated, well-moisturised skin, or an oily skin, then airbrush sits perfectly for you. But if you don’t have such a skin type or a dry skin then Airbrush Makeup Technique is not for you. 

No Shedding Tears

It is easier to reapply traditional makeup over tear filled makeup than it is airbrush makeup. A mix of traditional primer and foundation/concealer can fix a myriad of issues but once airbrushed too many tears can speak disaster due to the different type of foundation formula.

Something to consider, if you want to keep you look fine even after shedding some tears then don’t opt for airbrush makeup.

Limited Color Range

This can be a great drawback for brides. The color range for airbrush makeup is limited and so are the brands you can choose from. So, a traditional makeup artist may be better suited to you with a larger line of brands and colors to choose from.

More Expensive

Airbrush Makeup is typically more expensive than normal traditional makeup. During your trial, ask about the charges, which is the ideal time to see if you think Airbrush Makeup is worth its price tag.

If you are looking forward for Airbrush Makeup, them getting a trial by MUA is always a good idea. The trails will most likely be paid.

Book your makeup artist today who can give you a pretty airbrush makeup for you BIG-day.

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