Mega Bridal Package

The date is set, the day has been commenced. The big day of the wedding is one such moment in every girl’s life when she expects to be the best of all, and have the best of everything. And everything comprises of all the adornments to be perfect.

From a look with and without makeup to every single outfit for every ceremony, every adornment should be up to the remark so that the bride shines like the star of the night. The preparations for the wedding are some real hectic stuff to be done and managed the proper way. This puts a big burden on the bride’s shoulders.

A lot of ceremonies are there to organize and all of it includes our bride-to-be. It becomes difficult to carry out time and take care of your skin. And there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is your natural glow and makeup for every function or ceremony. If you are a bride-to-be then you can relate to this.

So, if you are someone like this, if you are looking for the helping hand for your beauty care before the wedding then you have landed the perfect platform. Bride Team Studio is your best alternative to go with. Bride Team Studio is one of the best bridal makeup studios in Delhi.

Bride Team offers the best services all around Delhi-NCR. We offer services for every type of makeup look for every occasion and ceremony of the wedding. For perfectly glowing skin for the most beautiful makeup look for your wedding day, you must ensure to get in the routine of taking care of yourself 4-5 months before the wedding day.  

We at Bride Team Studio avail you with this all in one mega bridal beauty package which consists all the assistance a girl requires before and during her wedding season.

Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments

At the time of the wedding, makeup is not the only thing that will make you look beautiful, but your natural inner natural glow will allow your skin. This is the point when you need to do some little beauty treatments on your skin before the wedding time.

We know the wedding is a time for every girl to make herself beautiful and enhance her elegant body. From keeping things to giving high-end beauty treatments, we provide all sorts of beauty treatment packages.

There are a total number of 7 types of pre-bridal beauty treatments to take of your skin and body before the big day celebrations. 

(Namely: The Natural Bride, The Silver Nova Bride, The Golden Glow Bride Package, The Tropical Diamond Bride, The Ayurveda Bride, The Divine Warm Bride, The Eminent Regal Bride ranging from 6999/-* to 21000/-*)

As the name suggests for pre-bridal beauty treatment packages, The Natural Bride package consists of services with complete herbal products and traditional methods, whereas The Silver Nova Bride, The Golden Glow Bride, The Tropical Diamond Bride packages assert different facial treatments according to their name.

The Ayurveda Bride package is a completely natural, ayurvedic beauty treatment with 100% Ayurvedic products and traditional methods of treatment. The rest packages have some extra beneficial services and many more.

The treatment constitutes services like manicure, pedicure, full face threading, bleaching, full premium body waxing, body polish with hair spa and many more.

Pre-wedding Shoot Makeup

Shooting pre-wedding videos and photos have become a trendy thing now. And hence every couple goes for it. But there is one thing to consider before shooting for pre-wedding videos, and that is makeup.

The best location and great outfits will make your pre-wedding shoots amazing, but your look is incomplete without makeup. Get high-end makeup with perfect makeup artists and high-quality makeup products.

We at Bride Team Studio offers kinds of pre-wedding shoot makeup packages to choose from. We provide you with the best makeup artists that will give the best looks with your outfits. Get the best and perfect pre-wedding shoot to cherish memories lifelong.  

Makeup for Wedding Ceremonies

Engagement Makeup

The engagement day is also important as the big wedding day. The bride needs to look at the center of attraction, but at the same time, you don’t want to look the same as you’ll looking at your wedding.

Make your look glowing and a long-lasting effect on guests before marriage. Engagement Makeup needs to be light and perfectly balanced, so it is not light as some party makeup or heavy as the bridal makeup.

The Makeup deals with perfect makeup with great quality products. Get ready to slay them all with your balanced makeup and mind-blowing looks, and outfit. It ranges from HD Makeup to Airbrush Makeup techniques.

Haldi Makeup

Haldi ceremony is one of the most exciting and joyous ceremonies of all wedding ceremonies. Probably the first ceremony of the wedding.

Haldi Makeup doesn’t need to be too heavy and cakey but light, minimal and sun-kissed. The sun-kissed look will give your Haldi applied face an extra charm and radiance.

From HD Makeup to Airbrush Makeup, we offer every kind of makeup method to our clients. With the use of best quality products with new and approved techniques.

Haldi Makeup show is minimal with a touch of bronze, the yellow glow will give your Haldi Applied face a dazzling look.

Mendi Makeup

The Mehndi day brings lots of memorable and amazing moments to capture. The bride covered in Henna needs to look as beautiful as her Mehndi.

Bride Team Studio offers HD Mehndi Makeup Packages for the brides who want to enjoy every day before her marriage. Or have perfect Mehndi Makeup with airbrush products to get the best Mehndi look.

While with lightweight makeup and best quality airbrush makeup products, Bride Team Studio gives the best quality makeup that you will love and recommend to you every friend.

Chose the best to fit your style and budget, and get ready to slay the mehndi ceremony.

Bridal Makeup

For the big day, every girl plan to look the most fabulous of her big special day. It’s not just her attire that makes her pretty, it’s her makeup, accessories and the way she carries it all together.

Bride Team Studio offers one of the best Bridal Makeup for our beautiful brides. 

We, at BTS, use best quality Makeup products for the high-end perfection and the perfect radiance of the bride’s face.

For the brides who want to have everything at its best, HD Bridal Makeup Package it the right option. While we also offer Airbrush Bridal Makeup packages for brides who want to look dazzling without getting handled with bold brushes and sponges.

Reception Makeup

After all the hectic ceremonies how can you leave the reception makeup to yourself? Some brides want to look perfect on their reception but avoid using external help.

Get your glamorous reception outfit and slay the reception with your gorgeous look. We, at BTS, will give you the best services.

Hair Styling

After settling for the fabulous makeup and the desired outfit, a jaw-dropping hair-do is all that you need to complete your bridal look. Bride Team Studio is the helping hand you need to complete your mesmerizing look for your very special day.

Give us a call to enquire about the hairstyling charges as per different looks and extra accessories.


Every hairstyle is different and unique in its way. One perfect hairstyle can add stars to the beauty of the bride. We, at BTS, give you the best-suited hairstyle according to your Lehnga which enhances the charms of its beauty. 

Over to You

Book your mega bridal beauty package and get ready to glow naturally with us, or book your trial sessions online. (Trial sessions are paid and non-refundable)

Bride Team specialises in Bridal Makeup. Our make experts’ team understand the imprtance of your big day makeup worries and are here to give you your best Wedding Look. From the first to last makeup occasion Bride TEam Studio will help you to get gorgeous and shine.