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Bride Team Studio is your makeup and beauty partner. We provide you a wide range of pre-bridal beauty treatment packages which are must-to-do for a bride 4-5 months prior her wedding day. 

Not only bride, every woman can avail themselves with the packages ensuring the natural glow on her face for every occasion.


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Bridal Makeup

The radiance and the charm are the first and the basic things that highlight the beauty of a bride. Every girl has dreamt of looking magnificent on her SPECIAL BIG DAY. 


For someone who is planning her BIG day for a very long time, planning to have the most awe-looking makeup, then Bride Team Studio is the right option. 


For your very special look on the very special days, beauty enchantments of BTS will leave you spellbound. We at BTS have the best Makeup Experts specialized in composing the most flawless and jaw-dropping bridal Makeup Looks for our to-be-beautiful-brides. 


Every means of makeup is used for different kinds of skins and a variety to choose from. Makeup Styles includes Airbrush, HD, Heavy, Light & Natural, Bronze, etc. 


We make sure that you look gorgeous and be the most luminous star of the most-special evening of your life.

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Reception Makeup

After all the hectic ceremonies of the wedding from Haldi, Mehndi and the BIG Day, comes the day of the reception. This day is one of the major days for the bride to look stunning as every guest will visit to have a look and embrace the beauty of the bride and groom. 

The makeup on Reception needs to be perfectly balanced, not as much light as the engagement one but at the same time not heavy as the wedding one.

Bride Team Studio offers the best services for perfect reception make by makeup experts. 

Get ready to set the stage on fire with your best makeup looks.

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Pre-Wedding Shoot Makeup

As the pre-wedding shoot holds great importance and it is one thing that binds your bond tightly, it should be an amazing one. 


The wedding shoot is one majestic moment of your life. Not only great locations and great outfits will do the thing, but also the right makeup is essential for a beautiful shoot. 


We, at Bride Team Studio, make sure that you will get the most ideal makeup done for a perfect pre-wedding shoot.


Think before contacting the makeup artists via photographers, they may suggest for their benefit or the artists my lack the proper ability.

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Bride's Outfit

The first thing that catches the eyes of the people is surely the bride’s outfit. The elegance of the Bride’s Lehenga is surely the most important factor in making a bride look gorgeous. 


Every girl has a fantasy of Lehnga for the most special day in her life. But you don’t want to get messed up with those hooks and pins tucked to keep your outfit in place. 


Only the Lehnga will not be ample to look splendid, but the way you wear it is surely important. The outfit is the core of attraction, and it should be a thing of beauty for sure. 


Bride Team Studio will help you to put-on your Lehnga the best way, and look traditionally magnificent.


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Engagement Makeup

Just like the wedding is the biggest day of every girls’ life, engagement holds equal importance. Engagement announces the tying of bonds between two hearts. 

Unlike the wedding, engagement is not grand but still, the ambiance of the day is not less than a huge celebration. Just like so, the makeup the to-be-bride wears needs to be light but dazzling as well. 

We, at Bride Team Studio, provides expert services for engagement makeups. BTS is the helping hand you need to fulfil your desire of looking fascinating for one of the best days in life.

Get ready to slay your engagement with amazing makeup by BTS.

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Mehndi Makeup

Indian Culture says the colour of Henna shows the love of Husband and Mother-in-law. Darker the share more the love will bride embrace in her life from her in-laws. 


Henna or Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments (Solah Shringar) of the bride, and no other adornments match the beauty of it. A bride is incomplete without marvellous Henna decorated hands. 


Mehndi Ceremony is one of the most exciting and most joyous ceremonies of any Indian Wedding. 


There are a lot of options for Mehndi that rules the bride’s heart. Get the best Mehndi Makeup that enhances your Mehndi look. If you are looking for the best Mehndi Makeup for the best ceremony, then Bridal Team Studio is the best alternative for you.


Tell us your desired Henna matching looks, and we make sure that you would wish your makeup to be coated like this forever.

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Party Makeup

From a kitty party to any joyous function every lady wants to look mind-blowing, after all, who don’t like compliments. Women love to get attention and look the most beautiful in any party or get-together. 


For such occasions, makeup needs to be quite simple but amazing. Bride Team Studio helps you with the makeup experts for such occasions. The makeup techniques and tools vary with their prices.


Get ready to rock the party and catch all the eyes around.


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Hair Styling

After settling for the fabulous makeup and the desired outfit, a jaw-dropping hair-do is all that you need to complete your bridal look. 


Bride Team Studio is the helping hand you need to complete your mesmerizing look for your very special day. 


Every hairstyle is different and unique in its way. One perfect hairstyle can add stars to the beauty of the bride. 


We, at BTS, give you the best-suited hairstyle according to your Lehnga which enhances the charms of its beauty. 


Walking down the path towards your better half, get ready to look fabulous and the most beautiful bride everyone has ever seen.

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