Bridal Makeup

If you are someone who has been planning your desired makeup look for years, then watch us work the magic on you. We all have had a ‘dream wedding makeup look’ for ourselves on the Big day. And the Bride Team Studio Makeup experts specialize in creating the most flawless and the best bridal Makeup looks for our to-be gorgeous brides. Different styles of makeup including Airbrush, HD, Heavy, Light & Natural, Bronze etc. are offered by us to make sure you shine the brightest of them all and be the star of the most special evening of your life.


Mehendi is one of the sixteen adornments (Solah Shringar) of the bride and her beauty is incomplete without it. The most exciting yet traditional pre-wedding ceremony has to be well taken care of, and Bride Team Studio is here for you! Tell us your desirable Mehendi look and we will leave you mesmerized! We are a team of professional Mehendi artists who specialize in the latest trends of Henna designs. Stones and blings in Mehendi or using different colours, or even the Glitters, we know how to give you the most special design for your special day.

Bride's Outfit

Wearing the best Lehenga is a legit dream for every bride-to-be. But you surely don’t want to panic about the hooks and pins on your special day. You might have chosen your enchanting outfit, but we are here to help you wear it in the best way, that too with ease. Your Lehenga will be the Centre of attraction and it should be a thing of beauty for sure. Shine all night in your dream outfit and leave them spell bound. After all, it’s about the traditional magnificence. So get ready to twirl around in your Lehenga and captivate hearts.

Hair Styling

To accentuate the Outfit and the Makeup, an elegant hairstyle is a must! You will be showered with compliments when your perfect hairdo lifts up the whole bridal look of yours. We have highly skilled and creative hair stylists to curate the best hairdo for you. A unique hairstyle can change the whole look of the outfit so your bridal hairstlye must be the best decision and chosen wisely. Get ready to walk down the aisle wearing the most dreamy and gorgeous hairdo. You might even get overwhelmed seeing so many options to choose from.

Nail Styling

Paint, enhance, decorate, and embellish your nails for the big day. Beautiful nails are considered to be a precious gift to be treasured and cared for. If your outfit, makeup and hair can be on point, then why not be creative with the nails too? Every minor thing must look dazzling. Whether it’s Nail art, French manicure or even Nail extensions, Bride Team Studio got it all covered. Let your nails do the talking.