Best Bridal Makeup Artist in gurgaon

The Splendid Bride


If you’re a bride who likes to keep it all simple and subtle and stays low-key, then The Splendid Bride package for your pre-wedding care is perfect for you. The package takes care of all your basic skin care, hair care, nail care etc. that each bride must take care of before-hand. To shine on the Big day, you deserve the best pre-bridal care to glow like a diamond.

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The Elegant Bride


For a dazzling bride who loves to do things in her own elegant way, the Elegant Bride package providing the much needed pre-bridal care is apt for you. It takes a lot of care to be done before the Big day, to rock it! The package will take care of all your lovely parts, from your head to the toe, up to perfection.

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The Angelic Bride


A bride who wants each and every little thing and detail to be perfect and exemplary for her wedding day is the most ideal one for this exquisite and exclusive pre-bridal package. It’s a package that includes the most special and the best pre-bridal service for our captivating brides. All that you might need, BTS has it all. If you are someone who strives to be the best, then get ready to be the Angelic Bride with us.

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